A Week Of Firsts

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A week of ‘firsts’!
  • first meeting with trainees following their second school placements
  • first recruitment seminar where no one turned up
  • first tweet
  • first sighting of the Mr Burton #getintoteaching advert on TV
  • first blog

My favourite first this week was when I met up with Sophie one of my tutees to review her progress and paperwork. It was all in order and progress was judged good – fantastic!  However the real success of the meeting was how Sophie looked and communicated.  She was beaming and brimming with a new found confidence I couldn’t stop myself commenting “Wow I’m so proud, you’re no longer a terrified looking trainee, you are a confident teacher!!” This was clearly reflected in the paperwork but the real reward for Sophie is her school has offered her a job for next year – Congratulations Sophie!

Firsts, wow moments, lightbulbs switching on – whatever phrase you use they always make those involved smile and burst with pride.  It is addictive and a key motivator for outstanding teachers.  I also got that burst of pride when I saw the #getintoteaching advert on TV for the first time this week


Outstanding teachers work tirelessly to create opportunities for such moments for both students and themselves.   I was gutted when no one turned up to our recruitment events on Friday this had never happened before.  By the time I had returned to the office a plan was formulating.  We researched, spoke to people and ultimately took a deep breath and had a go – What’s the worst that can happen?

So here we are my first blog as Director of Hull SCITT.  We still have places to fill for September and there are still people out there with the passion and drive to teach – Are you up for it? Do you know some one who is?

What will be your “first” this week?

  • contact Hull SCITT to discuss applying?
  • log on to UCAS and apply to Hull SCITT?
  • recommend a colleague or friend to explore being a teacher?

Do More Teach!