Amy Marin – Hull SCITT Trainee (Wheeler Primary School)

Amy Marin – Hull SCITT Trainee (Wheeler Primary School)

Why did you want to be a teacher?

After volunteering in schools for several months whilst completing my degree, and after, I felt that the rewards that were there every day for teachers and the fact that no day is the same!

Please give a brief outline of your career before Hull SCITT.

Full-time student in Fine Art then working in zero hour contracts in supermarkets and pubs.

What did you enjoy about the programme?

Building up a support network of other trainees

Specific training in subjects

What did you find challenging?

Balancing school work with essays, especially at the end of the year.

What are your top tips for someone starting on the programme?

Complete essays early

Ensure you make time for yourself!

How has Hull SCITT prepared you for your career in teaching?

Workload expectations are in line with NQT workload

Planning and daily routines in schools were made clear to you right at the beginning