Celebrating Teachers – World Teacher Day 5th October 2015

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World teacher day is an opportunity for us all to reflect, think about and thank teachers everywhere for the work that they do.

Who is the teacher you want to celebrate?
Thinking about teachers I have been taught by I think of Mrs Farmer my GCSE maths teacher. The combination of presenting concepts in an accessible way and knowing me and my traits is what I realise made her an excellent teacher. Over 20 years ago I remember sitting in a maths lesson at the Deanery High School Wigan awaiting GCSE mock exam results.
“Well no one has got an A but one person was 0.8% from the grade boundary.” Mrs F was looking directly at me as was all the others in the class. Mrs F like everyone who knows me knew that my competitive nature wouldn’t allow this to happen again! It was all I needed to fire me up to get an A.

Who is the trainee teacher we have celebrated?
We have 36 trainees with Hull SCITT and we have introduced the time honoured tradition of awarding certificates on Fridays (I miss being in school). This weeks trainees of the week are Penny and Ben who spoke at our information and recruitment event this week. They spoke with such clarity, honesty and enthusiasm about their first month of training.

Who is going to be the next trainee teacher?
Those attending the information event just like our current trainees have a range of experience. Some of our trainees were teaching assistants in school prior to undertaking training . At Hull SCITT we want to specifically engage with those currently undertaking this role to find out what is needed to support and develop this as a career route into teaching. We are holding an event on 3rd November 2015 (9.30, 1pm or 4pm) entitled “Could it be you” aimed at support staff in school. We want to find out what you need to take the next step in your journey, dispel any myths that exist and identify solutions to the barriers that exist. If you are currently working in school as a Teaching assistant come along and if you know someone encourage them to apply.

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