We hope that any questions you may have about Hull SCITT, our courses and what we do will be answered below, however if you still have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. One of our dedicated team will be happy to help you.

What is your top tip for a successful application?

Get experience in a Primary school! How else will you know this is the job for you. One of the most frustrating application statements is when applicants write that they have always wanted to be a teacher but have no experience working or volunteering in a school. If you feel strongly about this go and try it out. Also the best reference is one form a teacher you have worked alongside as they will be best place to make a recommendation that you have what it takes to be a teacher.

Which schools do you work with and how are trainees matched to schools?

We are a strong partnership of 25 Primary Schools, 2 Special Schools, 3 Secondary Schools and a School Direct Partnership across Hull and we know each other really well. As soon as you apply to our programmes we begin to build a profile of you as a teacher identifying your strengths, areas for development and individual learning needs. We use this information to identify the best school and mentor to support and ensure you receive the personalised training needed to become a highly effective teacher.

Why train with us?

Are you passionate about becoming a teacher and enabling children to reach their full potential? Do you want to be part of an organisation that is committed to your on-going professional development? 

Hull School Centred Initial Teacher training (SCITT) works in collaboration with Hull Collaborative Teaching school (HCTS) the first Teaching School alliance in Hull. HCTS supports teachers throughout their career and this begins with identifying you, as our next generation of outstanding teachers and future leaders.
Hull SICTT is a new provider which has evolved from a very successful school direct programme. All our successful trainees are now employed and actively making a difference to children, with the vast majority in our partnership schools.
Hull is an excellent city to both live and train in. Teaching in Hull schools is exciting, challenging and rewarding. We represent a strong partnership of 20 Primary schools. Our ‘hands on’ approach means trainees are in school from day one learning by working alongside an experienced mentor teacher. This is complimented by central training delivered through HCTS by teachers who are Specialist Leaders of Education (SLE) which means that they are currently teaching and recognised as experts in their specific field.
All Trainees graduate with Qualified Teacher Status (QTS). Through a well established partnership with The University of Hull Trainees have the option to graduate with a Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE).
“I love what I do now, this has changed my life and hopefully the lives of the children I will be teaching as an NQT” Katie current NQT, previous HCTS school direct trainee.

About this training programme?

School based experience
Training is predominantly school based working closely with a highly skilled mentor and will include a combination of team teaching, small group, whole class teaching that is both unobserved and observed (all of which are developmental and highly focused upon the right training and advice , given at the right time). You will be based for the vast majority of time in one school and in classes relating to the age group for whom you are being trained Primary (5-11 year olds), early Years and KS1 (3-7 year olds) and Secondary (11-16).

Your experience will be further enhanced by attending the school based inset that your school provides throughout the year.
Central based training
This programme will consist of taught pedagogy sessions including child development to equip you with the necessary skills to become an effective teacher. Subject knowledge sessions will ensure that you have the knowledge needed to teach the age group for whom you are being trained.

School based tasks will be assigned during these sessions. These are tasks that require you to investigate how this area is addressed in your own school. You will be expected to feedback and discuss your observations and findings at regular tutorials.
All of these sessions are delivered by Subject leaders of Education (SLEs) who are outstanding teachers based in our partnership schools.

Tutorial and personalised support
These sessions take on 2 or 3 formats. SCITT Tutors who will provide group tutorials, which will include developing professional skills, guidance on the assessment process and the forum for presenting the outcomes of your school based tasks. One to one tutorials will ensure that the programme is personalised to your needs and that progress against the teaching standards is being made.
Where necessary some of the sessions will be delivered by The University of Hull- this is to support you with gaining your PGCE. Tutors will provide support and guidance on undertaking the necessary reading and research to complete the assignments set to gain a PGCE. 
Our on-going assessment and quality assurance systems enable us to swiftly identify where further support is needed for our trainees. We address this through our regular subject knowledge development workshops. Your school and SCITT based tutors will advise you on the workshops you need to attend.

What qualification will I receive?

All trainees will complete the course with Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) with the option to complete a Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) from The University of Hull.  

How much does it cost?

Tuition fees are £8,325 for QTS and £9,250 for QTS with PGCE from The University of Hull.  

What are the entry requirements?

Relevant school experience
You must have relevant experience. This can be a voluntary or paid experience in a primary school.  If you need support in arranging these please contact enquiries@hullscitt.com

We want to make sure that you have made the right choice in training to be a teacher. You will, by the time of interview, have had at least ten days paid or voluntary work experience in a Primary School . Your experience doesn’t necessarily need to be in a single block of time. We’ll be looking in your application and interview for evidence that you have gained insight into the knowledge, skills and personal disposition that make an effective teacher. 

GCSE English and Maths (Grade C or higher). Primary Trainees will need GCSE Science (C or above)

Specific equivalency tests will be accepted in lieu of GCSE at the discretion of Hull SCITT. 

You will have, or be in the process of gaining a first degree.
Overseas trained teachers will need to provide evidence that their qualifications allow them to teach in their own countries and that their qualifications are at the same level as UK qualifications (this information can be obtained from NARIC). 

Professional Skills test
You must pass the professional skills tests in literacy and numeracy before you can start the course. We advise that you access the information regarding tests on the DfE website as soon as possible in order to prepare for, book and pass the tests.  

What are we looking for?

Do more…..Teach!
We are looking for people who are passionate about working with children and enabling them to reach their potential. 

A proactive mentality! 
What experience have you already undertaken to prepare you for a career in teaching? 

A love for Learning!
Do you reflect upon what you have learnt and constantly strive to improve?

A can do attitude! 
Are you resilient, determined and flexible? 

A creative problem solver!
Do you see barriers, challenges to overcome, or new opportunities?

A collaborative worker!
How do you engage with others to get the best out of all situations?

How we select our trainees?

Application – Personal statement
It is important you demonstrate that you have the necessary drive and ambition, married with an understanding of the role. The best way to demonstrate this is to provide further information regarding your experience of working in Primary Schools. What have your learnt about children and the role of a teacher? 

You must use your personal statement to demonstrate you are the right person for us and the children of Hull. Ensure that you demonstrate what we are looking for and use the points identified in ‘the what we are looking for section’. 

Application – Work and school experience
Give as complete a history as possible. Include all work experience. Demonstrate a strong work ethic and transferable skills through work history that is not just school based. List all school-based experience both paid and voluntary to show the breadth and range. 

Application – References
The best person to make a judgement about your suitability to become a teacher is another teacher. Therefore discuss your application with schools where you have gained experience and where possible ask someone you have worked with in a school to be a referee. 

APPLY 2 applicants 
If you are applying in APPLY 2 and want to provide additional information email enquiries@hullscitt.com. We will liaise and request additional references to support your application. 

Interview day
We want the right people working with our children. Our interview day is your opportunity to demonstrate that you are the right person.
You will be immersed in a day of activity in one of our partnership schools . You will be expected to complete a number of tasks. An activity with children, a ‘speed dating’ interview with head teachers, a group discussion with other potential trainees and reading & written response task. 

DBS clearance and health checks
If you are successful at interview stage, you will be made an offer of a training place subject to satisfactory enhanced DBS clearance and completion of health check questionnaire. These are to confirm that you are fit to work with children.

APPLY 2 applications
If you are reading this as an APPLY 2 applicant and kicking yourself – STOP. We accept additional information email enquiries@hullscitt.com