Iain Lane – Hull SCITT Trainee (Pearson Primary)

Iain Lane – Hull SCITT Trainee (Pearson Primary)


Why did you want to be a teacher?

Just the opportunity to work with children and watch them grow and develop.

Please give a brief outline of your career before Hull SCITT.

 Rugby player playing for Hull Kingston Rovers

 Hull KR coach

 Hessle High School Cover Supervisor

 Fire Service Education Officer

 Teaching Assistant at Andrew Marvell

What did you enjoy about the programme?

I enjoyed Hull SCITT because it was school based and I got the full experience from September to July. I experienced parent’s evenings, looking at data, being involved in the school community somethings you don’t get when you are just on a six week placement.

What did you find challenging?

My circumstances where different due to the fact my Mentor went off on long term sick so I had to take on the role of Class Teacher. However, due to the fantastic support I received from Hull SCITT and the school I was able to make it a success. I do believe I became a stronger teacher because of this experience.

What are your top tips for someone starting on the programme?

Make sure you get experience and speak to current teachers about the wider aspects of the role.

Look at the national curriculum, assessing without levels and build up your subject knowledge.

How has Hull SCITT prepared you for your career in teaching?

School based learning really prepares you for the role. You have a full understanding of the school year. You build up your teaching and are in front of the children from day one which helps you become a confident teacher. I completed my NQT & RQT years and then became Phase Leader for

Year 3 & 4. I am also the subject co-ordinator for Geography, History & Music. This year I became a Mentor for a Hull SCITT Trainee. It is really nice to be able to share my experiences and I can relate to my Trainee as I have been there and am able to offer information and advice.