Interview Day 4

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Interview day 4 at Hull SCITT has been and gone – another day of exhilaration and unfortunately disappointment for some. So why do people apply to Hull SCITT? The most common answer to this question is “hands on”.

School Centred initial Teacher Training is THE pathway for those wanting to train to become a teacher in a “hands on” way. All trainees will be in their host school on the first day of term. Some will be taking part in their first training day, some will be settling in upset children, some will be supporting children writing on the first crisp page of a new book. An endless list of possibilities which is one of the joys of being a teacher, you never know exactly what is going to happen. However there are always some certainties – all trainees will be building new relationships with children, colleagues and parents, all trainees will be learning from experienced mentors and all trainees will go home tired and exhilarated because they have been “hands on”.

However simply being hands on and present in a classroom is not going to develop our future teachers. A well-structured curriculum and assessment process based on current research in response to trainee’s individual needs will also be necessary.

Returning to those candidates who were unsuccessful and disappointed. Will this be the end of your quest to become a teacher? We often feedback to candidates “we believe you have potential you just need more experience.” However this experience needs to be the right experience aimed at graduates who have both the desire and potential to be a teacher.

Hull SCITT is led and managed by teachers so we can’t stop ourselves responding to identified learning needs and have therefore created Hull SCITT school experience programme.

If you want to be “hands on” and find out if becoming a teacher is right for you apply to our Hull SCITT school experience programme. Contact via Hull SCITT website

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