Interview day – How to be successful

We have read the application forms, sent out the invites, organised the questions, organised the children who are going to be taught by the applicants and organised a team of firm yet fair headteachers!

So what else is needed for a successful interview day?
I’m going to go home check that all my paperwork is in order, have a good nights sleep and make sure my best outfit is ironed and ready. So probably a very similar routine to the applicants.

Tomorrow my focus will be on presenting Hull SCITT at its very best
– organised
– professional
– child focused
– relaxed and enjoyable
The final one is always a bit tricky on an interview day but crucial – we all want to see applicants at their very best. Nobody wants that “oh I wish had said that!” feeling on the way home.

So quite simple really! Take a deep breath, try and relax and enjoy interacting with like minded people.

Good luck to anyone who has an interview this week – I just hope you have chosen Hull SCITT #DoMoreTeach