Sean Lonsdale, Hull SCITT Trainee

Sean Lonsdale, Hull SCITT Trainee

Why did you want to be a teacher?

I had been in schools taking PE lessons for a number of years. My friends all started to become Teachers and it got me interested. I wanted to find out more about the role, spoke with my friends and realised I wanted to teach more than just PE.

Please give a brief outline of your career before Hull SCITT.

I was an entertainer before I joined Hull SCITT. I have a Performing Arts Degree and was a singer, dancer, performer and anything to do with performing arts.

What have you enjoyed about the programme?

I have enjoyed building the relationships and connections with the staff in my host school. I feel settled now even more so that I have been on my contrasting placement before Christmas. There is a variety of things to learn and experience. There is a slow build-up of responsibility which helps you feel in control and confident.

What have you found challenging?

The work load can be challenging, there is a lot to learn and do. I found it hard juggling more than one task at a time! When I started there was a lot of clichés like, you work on a Sunday etc – I thought it wouldn’t be true but it is! You need to be prepared to work in your own time on a weekend but you do get used to it and it ends up coming naturally.

What are your top tips for someone starting on the programme?

Please don’t be afraid to ask for help. If you can’t cope then please say something! I wouldn’t be on the course today if I hadn’t asked for help. I know some other people who wouldn’t ask for help and tried to carry on but I couldn’t do that. Also don’t be scared of not getting things right all the time, you can’t be perfect straight away. You can also relate and empathise this with the children in your class, they want to get things right and get frustrated the same as we do!

Q6. How has Hull SCITT prepared you for future career in teaching?

It has prepared me for anything! I am learning the Highlands way (Highlands Primary School). I

believe the school is providing me with lots of support and training, which will prepare me for a

career in teaching. The children can be challenging but the support from staff is top quality and I

have learned lots.