Training a New Generation of Great Teachers in Hull


Training a New Generation of Great Teachers in Hull.

Hull SCITT (School Centred Initial Teacher Training) has embarked on an innovative, fun and original marketing campaign over the last 18 months, aimed at promoting the fact that teaching in Hull schools is exciting, challenging and rewarding. By targeting local students, career changes and potential trainees from the UK and abroad through a combination of creative print and digital marketing, online promotion and real world stunts, the group has seen a number of quality recruits join the programme. Their approach, including the ‘Do More, Teach!’ social media campaign has set a benchmark for other UK teacher training providers to follow.

Hull, like many cities in the UK has long suffered from a shortage of teachers. There are numerous reasons behind the ongoing teacher shortage including political, financial and social aspects of the job and the various pathways to a career in teaching. The National Union of Teachers (NUT), UCAS and the UK government are well aware of the issues and are fully aware that there are no quick-fixes. Long term and sweeping strategies must be put in place to rectify the situation over an extended period of time in order for the profession to see a real change.

One fundamentally important aspect of the ongoing drive to recruit more teachers into the profession are the training providers that assist graduates and career changes to take the first steps towards a career in education. In Hull, a city that is rapidly undergoing a social and cultural revolution thanks in part to it being awarded the status of City of Culture 2017, the organization Hull SCITT is working hard to recruit and train a new generation of teachers who excel in the job.

All successful trainees who have been a part of the programme are now employed and actively making a difference to children, with the vast majority based in partnership schools across Hull.
Their ‘hands on’ approach means trainees are in school from day one learning by working alongside an experienced mentor teacher. This is complimented by central training delivered through Hull Collaborative Teaching School by teachers who are Specialist Leaders of Education (SLE) which means that they are currently teaching and recognised as experts in their specific field.

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